Since 1985, Gail Hill has been professionally producing art incorporating the mediums of oil painting and photography. She has rendered commissions for extensive private clients as well as public officials in The Supreme Court of Canada and The Federal Government of Canada. She has won several awards for her work and the art is represented in prominent public exhibitions and many private collections internationally.

Ms. Hill has also created commissioned art for national television productions, restaurants, sports and arts celebrities, international magazines and private clubs. She has donated art extensively for charitable auction to Habitat for Humanity, Mount Sinai Hospital, The Textile Museum of Canada, CanStage Productions, Letters for Literacy and Second Harvest. (See testimonials and selected client list)

Gail Hill has been dedicated to the integrity of a long creative career which has included visual arts, curating, mentoring and creative writing. She has been continuously inspired by the essential nature of pure communication through images, language and creative community. Ms. Hill has lived and worked as an artist for more than three decades in England, France, the United States and Canada. She presently lives in Toronto with her husband and has five daughters.

For portfolios of fine art please see www.gailhill.ca.

For more extensive professional profile please see LinkedIn.

For mentoring and creative direction please see www.creativeselfworkshop.com.



  • 1986-87                   The University of Westminster, Photography, London, England
  • 1984-86                   The Ontario College of Art, Painting, Toronto
  • 1981-83                    Ryerson University, B.A. Media Arts, Photography, Toronto
  • 1980-81                    The Ontario College of Art, Painting, Toronto

Solo Exhibitions:

  • 2012                         The IDS, Emily Quinn, "About Face6", Toronto
  • 2008                        Red Thread Studio, "About Face5", Toronto
  • 2006                        Red Thread Studio, "Portraits", Toronto
  • 2004                        Contact Festival, "Lie to Me", Toronto
  • 2001                         Ciparis Lennox Gallery, "Food for Thought", Toronto
  • 2000                        Contact Festival, "About Face4", Toronto
  • 2000                        The IDS, "About Face3", Toronto
  • 1999                          Brentwood Art, "About Face2", Los Angeles
  • 1997                          The IDS, "Oil and Photography", Toronto
  • 1993                          Toronto Imageworks Gallery, "Les Fruit du mon Paradis", Toronto
  • 1993                          Harbourfront Gallery, "Les Fruits du mon Paradis, Toronto
  • 1993                          Scaramouche, "Painted Portraits", Toronto
  • 1992                          Exposition Centre D'Animation, "Painted Portraits", France
  • 1991                           Scaramouche, "Oil and Photography", Toronto
  • 1990                          The New Gallery, "Experience", Calgary, Alberta
  • 1989                          The Centre Eye Gallery, "Oil and Photography", Calgary, Alberta
  • 1989                          The White Water Gallery, "Experience", North Bay, Canada
  • 1988                          Barnes Gallery, "About Face", London, England
  • 1983                          The Ryerson Gallery, "Seeing the Dark", Toronto


  • 2013                     Chloe Magazine, "Nature Inspired", Spring issue
  • 2012                     Canadian House and Home, "Second Nature", May issue
  • 2010                     Canadian Architecture & Design, "The White House", Luxury issue
  • 1998                     Canadian House and Home, "Nautical Wiles", April issue
  • 1997                     The Globe and Mail, Arts Section, "New Face of Portraiture"
  • 1996                     Toronto Life, "Goddess", Menu Guide Cover
  • 1993                     enRoute Magazine, December 1993, "Les Fruit du mon Paradis"
  • 1991                      Canadian Women Photographers, Second Story Press, "Mommy"
  • 1990                     VOX Magazine, The New Gallery exhibition review, "Experience"


  • 2016                         Artist, Painter, Photographer, in Canada, USA, France, England
  • 2015                         Curator, Verity Art3, Toronto
  • 2014                         Founder, Verity Gallery, Toronto
  • 2013                         Curator, Verity Art2, Toronto
  • 2013                         Founder, The Artist Collective, Toronto
  • 2012                         Facilitator, Creative Mastermind, Verity, Toronto
  • 2011                          Curator, Verity Art1, Toronto
  • 2010                         Founder + Creative Director, CreativeSelf, Toronto
  • 2009                        Lecturer, Women in Conversation Series, Verity, Toronto
  • 1999                         Curator, "Robert Gooblar", Alliance Francaise Gallery, Toronto
  • 1994                         Mentor, Red Thread Studio, Toronto
  • 1988                         Instructor, Gallery 44, Painting/Photography, Toronto
  • 1987                         Instructor, Toronto Board of Education, Photography, Toronto
  • 1983                         Curator, The Dawson City Museum, Yukon, Canada

Group Exhibitions:

  • 2016                     Verity Gallery, Toronto
  • 2015                     Verity Gallery, Toronto
  • 2014                     Verity Art, Toronto
  • 2013                     Verity Art, Toronto
  • 2011                      Verity Art, Toronto
  • 2008                    The Distillery Art Exhibition, Toronto
  • 2006                    McLean House, Toronto
  • 1998                     The Textile Museum of Canada, Toronto
  • 1996                     Cabbagetown Arts, Toronto
  • 1994                     Toronto City Hall, Art Exhibition, Toronto
  • 1990                     Toronto City Hall, Art Exhibition, Toronto
  • 1988                     Gallery 44, "Latent Images", Toronto
  • 1987                     Gallery TPW, Toronto
  • 1982                     The Ryerson Gallery, "Put on Your Red Shoes", Toronto


  • 1990                    Toronto City Hall, Arts Festival, 1st Place
  • 1988                    The Ontario Arts Council Award
  • 1983                     Ryerson University, J.L. Beaton Academic Award
  • 1982                     Ryerson University, Honours Award
  • 1981                      The Ontario College of Art, Honours Painting Award