captured the essence
— Senator Nicole Eaton
poetic, complex and visually stunning
— Dr. Joey Shulman
best birthday present ever
— The Honorable Carolyn Bennett
evocative, original and meticulously crafted
— Rona Maynard
the work is extraordinary
— Christine McCain
a dream artist with absolutely beautiful work
— Vicki King
Gail Hill is a consummate artist as both a photographer and painter. She is devoted to pursuing her photography as an artist, pushing the boundaries of landscape, portraiture and still life into insightful narratives. Gail is both professional and personable with her clients ... her clarity of vision and emotive exuberance is inspirational.
— Doug Beube
an extraordinary artist
— Marjorie Wallens
more spectacular than I’d imagined
— Nancy Sampson
no doubt on your way to a seat at the table of great artists
— Rhonda Katz
the art fills my heart with great emotion
— Valentina Manza
captured the essence of who we are
— Gwen Harvey
the art portrayed the absolute essence of personality
— Marilyn Sliwin
Gail Hill is a force of nature; one of those creative artists who lives and breathes their art and craft. Gail’s gift is her mastery of storytelling through the mediums of art, photography and poetry. She is an evolved presence who leads with love and grace and always delivers the rare and exceptional.
— Linda Chandler
guests are totally mesmerized by your art hanging in my boardroom
— Lucy Boguski
outstanding in every respect
— David Lovett
outstandingly deep and meaningful
— Diane Kenyon
absolutely breathtaking portrait of me
— Susannah Haight
an extremely talented and sensitive artist
— Dr. Mary Vachon
those portraits will be treasured in our family
— Nancy Sampson
Gail is a talented and superb photographer/artist. Her images are timeless, her portraiture is classic and her prints are the product of consumate craftsmanship. Being photographed by her is a unique privilege and a great experience. I highly recommend her.
— Rafael Goldchain
unique and visually stunning and always thinking outside the box
— Jeannie Baxter
beautiful and evocative
— Christine Vanderschoot
best portrait of us ever.
— Dolphin Diemer
the work is exceptional in all ways
— Neal Rantoul
exceptionally inspirational and thoroughly professional to work with
— Jimson Bienenstock
remarkable, talented, professional
— Gerda Neubacher
Bigger than life. These 3 words describe Gail Hill’s art, her entrepreneurial spirit, her approach to every project or event and her compassion for friends, clients and colleagues. She brings sensitivity, limitless creativity and innovation then marries that with boldness. She applies this magic formula to every individual work of art she creates or to any project that captures her interest. Gail does not do ordinary on canvas or paper and the “bigger than life” results bring pleasure for years to come.
— Sandy McMullen
truly extraordinary work
— Jacqui D'Eon
visionary artist with incredible insight
— Magdalena Mitzik
wonderful work, exceptional photographer
— Marta Braun
great talented vision
— Jane Tattersall
the art is just superlative
— Kim McDonald
Gail’s work is wonderful and very special.
— Anne Clark
Gail has an incredibly creative sensibility that enables her to use many artists tools and techniques in combination to output strikingly beautiful painted works of art. Gail has created imagery for many applications for us - from an extraordinary painted title sequence for a TV series to portraits of our family. A real pro, with heart!
— Henry Less
we can’t stop looking at it, it’s mesmerizing
— Sue Haight
so very beautiful and thought provoking
— Chris Bott
shrewd eye for subtlety and a flair for understated elegance
— Ted Nasmith
the best photographer in the country
— Mark Hunter
evocative and daring sensibility
— Rajiv Narang
an eye for beauty that is second to none
— Sissy Federer
Gail invests years of experience, thoughtful and compassionate insight and adds her sense of creative energy to capture and reflect the essence of her compositions. Photography and painting merge in this expression to reflect truly special portraits. Gail’s passion is evident to all who have the joy to be with her. Her work transcends traditional approaches and is highly recommended by me.
— Cynthia Young
Gail is so magical and talented
— Laura Goldstein
the art is truly astounding
— Russell Sinclair
so distinctly alluring
— Sher St. Kitts
moving, deep and timeless and bound to endure for generations
— Wendy Fredricks
truly beautiful, haunting work of art
— Lesley Parrott
evokes a sense of calm and joy
— Delane Cooper
Gail Hill’s vision as an artist is apparent in every aspect of her life, but most clearly in her painted photographic portraits. Her technique is unique and she brings something else to the portrait that cannot be revealed in a photograph alone. While the photograph she takes shows how her subject appears, it’s when she starts to apply oil paint to that surface that she starts to reveal the character and spirit of what lies beneath. Quite remarkable.
— Debra Friedman
masterpieces in their own right
— Roz Kavander
embodying the subject’s essence
— Bernice Morrison
the best portrait of me ever
— Kelly Morgan
flows with the utmost elegance
— Kimberley Walsh
a gift for capturing the soulfulness of each subject
— Robin Dines
the essence of soul in every portrait
— Jody Steinhauer
We are fortunate to be enriched by two amazing pieces of Gail’s art in our home, but most dear to us are numerous painted portraits of our children that she did so beautifully. We hope to collect many more.
— Trevor Turnbull



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